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Since a lot of people have their day off on Labor Day, most offers and special deals, especially <a href="https://www.academia.edu/16783656/Cyber_Monday_TV_Deals_-_2015">Cyber Monday 2015 TV deals</a> Cyber Monday 2015 TV deals can be found in physical stores rather than on the Internet. It’s easy to find deals on numerous summer related tools and appliances. The primary reason is that companies make room for winter and fall supplies.

If you want to refurbish the outdoor deck or plan to buy a new grill, Labor Day will be the perfect choice to look for some products. According to industry experts, Labor Day sales compare well to other special days, even Cyber Monday.

According to data received in 2011, Labor Day was the best shopping holiday weekend to look for quality deals. Only 15% products on Cyber Monday / Black Friday were discounted for over 60%. On the other hand, Labor Day had about 30% products discounted for over 60%.

It’s worth mentioning that Labor Day falls close to Back-to-School season, especially for high school and college students. This year, a lot of stores have dropped their prices for the Labor Day weekend. In case you’re still not done with the wardrobe makeover for your new school season, Labor Day will be a good day to start. Some stores are even offering 70% to 80% discounts.

Cyber Monday Characteristics

Cyber Monday tends to focus on online shopping, such as <a href="https://www.facebook.com/Cyber-Monday-TV-Deals-2015-564736427009139/">best Cyber Monday TV deals 2015</a> best Cyber Monday TV deals 2015 for an example. This term has been used in the industry since 2005. Since there have been major advancements in the technologies in retail industry, Cyber Monday sales have been increasing rapidly. Predominantly, this day offers online deals and sales.

According to reports, Cyber Monday in 2013 was the biggest one in history. July’s rating this year was already more than 15% than last year. Therefore, it’s very likely that the growth trend will continue in the future.

Unlike the Labor Day weekend, Cyber Monday does not cater to just personal desires and needs. It focuses on holiday gift components. Many consumers even buy gifts for their friends and family members during work hours.

Last Cyber Monday, one in three purchases was a tablet or mobile phone. According to experts, Cyber Monday sales have skyrocketed to 74% in the last 4 years. However, sales were down to only 5.2% of total sales in the holiday season in 2013.

Which One Should You Choose?

In case you’re planning to focus on various online purchases, it’s better to wait for Cyber Monday. Labor Day focuses on old models and in-store products of cars and appliances. If you’re looking for such products, Labor Day will be a good choice. Whatever you choose, the bottom line is to look for your favorite products at the best prices.